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Freewebstore is built by people for people

We here at Freewebstore are passionate about two things, entrepreneurs and eCommerce. We love helping people like you realise your dreams of becoming your own boss and empowering you to start your very own business. We want to make eCommerce more accessible by making it fun, easy, and FREE!

Starting our own journey over 15 years ago, we tore down the technical and financial barriers to creating and running your own online store. Our radical idea was to give everyone in the world a totally free, super simple, yet powerful online store of their very own. Back then a traditional eCommerce store cost literally thousands to create and run.

Giving them away for free was a radical and super-ambitious idea! Since then we have gifted nearly a million stores to individuals and businesses just like you from all over the world. Many of those people are now enjoying the benefits of being their own boss. Financial freedom and a better work-life balance are just a couple of the many life benefits awaiting you if you take that exiciting step and turn your passion into your profession. Do what you love and never work a day in your life as the old saying goes.

Our Trailblazing Forefathers

Our offices are located in northern England, in an old cotton mill based in a historic industrial gem affectionately named “The Weavers Triangle”. We are nestled beside the Leeds & Liverpool canal which served as the lifeblood for a growing northern town punching way above its weight. Burnley developed into the world’s most important cotton-weaving town back in the 19th century, no mean feat for an East Lancashire town with a starting population of 4,000.

Days gone by at the Weaver's triangle

King cotton reached all corners of the globe, based on the honesty, grit, hard work, and ingenuity of the people living and working there. We are following in the footsteps of our trailblazing forefathers as our indie eCommerce company freewebstore now has stores in pretty much every country in the world. We hope to hold true to these values in everything we do. We don’t follow, we lead.


For us, it is fitting that we run this company from an old cotton mill that was left in ruin and long deserted for many years due to the collapse of the cotton industry. We are breathing life and vigor back into the old girl, where steam engines and cotton weaving looms once stood there is now a web designer’s desk (Hey, Dan!), a coffee machine, some bean bags, and a Yukka plant but the strength and values remain the same.

There is regeneration afoot here in Burnley and a new wave of businesses, internet, aerospace, and clothing that are making their impact here and worldwide. We even had a premier league football team, until recently (sorry Stephen!). Much like freewebstore (and the people of Burnley) our football team is the underdog, fighting upwards against bigger, financially superior opponents. The values deep-rooted in this working-class northern town seep into the football team much like they do the local people and businesses. We don’t know our place, we have great ideas, we never give up, we work hard, we tell the truth and we make things happen. Isn’t that the sort of team you want at your side?

Your Story

The digital age has brought a new frontier and new opportunities, not just for old cotton towns but for people everywhere. With an internet connection, an idea, and a can-do attitude the world really is your oyster. We aim to light that fire in you and back you all the way with our free eCommerce services and expertise. Go write your own story, we can't wait to read it.!