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The Freewebstore Why

We here at Freewebstore are passionate about two things, entrepreneurs and eCommerce. We love helping people like you realize your dreams of becoming your own boss and empowering you to start your very own business. We want to make eCommerce fun, easy, and FREE!

Starting our own journey over 15 years ago, we tore down the technical and financial barriers to creating and running your own online store. Our radical idea was to give everyone in the world a total free, super simple, yet powerful online store of their very own. Back then a traditional eCommerce store cost literally thousands to create and run. Giving them away for free was a radical and super-ambitious idea! Since then we have gifted nearly a million stores to people and businesses just like you from all over the world. Many of those people are now enjoying the benefits of being their own boss. Financial freedom and a better work-life balance are just a couple of the many life benefits awaiting you if you take that exiciting step and turn your passion into your profession. What are you waiting for?

An ecommerce store is a complex stack of technologies. It takes lots of plumbing, bells and whistles to create, optimise and run a successful online website business. This can be daunting for users with limited time and technical skills. So we also wanted to help tear down those technical barriers. We basically wanted to make creating and managing an online store fun! So we design every system and every interface so that literally anyone could understand it and feel comfortable. Each new section we create has to pass the “mum” test. Could my mum use this? Would it make sense? If not, then we scrap it and start again. We want Freewebstore to be the easiest to use eCommerce platform on the internet. The go-to platform for budding entrepreneurs.

Some of our users have literally made millions on our platform, without ever paying a penny to Freewebstore. We are more than happy about this. We love to see you succeed! Obviously, providing, running, and constantly improving the platform costs real money. So we do have some premium features and packages for those of you who want the extra bells and whistles that give your store an competitive advantage in the market. We make no apologies for this, the premium features and packages help fund the staff that are here supporting you and your business. Our free stores carry a small advert promoting freewebstore along the top of the store. That is how free stores contribute to the freewebstore community and helps us grow stronger year on year. Which in turn helps us build new features and help keep you on the front foot.

We will continue to build and release exciting new features and designs that will help your business continue to thrive and grow. Here's to the next 10 years!

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